07.12.2023 -

KATHREIN Broadcast Days 2023: Forward-Looking Solutions for the Broadcasting Sector presented


The KATHREIN Broadcast Days, held from November 28th to 29th in Bad Aibling, were a great success, providing insights into the broadcasting industry in a changing market environment. KATHREIN Broadcast GmbH, a leading provider of broadcast technologies, organized the event as a platform for knowledge exchange, networking, and discussions on the future of broadcasting.

With top-class speakers, practical case studies, and informative panels, the KATHREIN Broadcast Days offered a wealth of insights into the evolving broadcasting landscape. Industry experts shared their knowledge on topics such as DAB+, 5G Broadcast, and sustainability in network operations. Participants gained valuable insights into the current challenges and opportunities facing the industry and were able to expand their networks. The event attracted professionals from broadcasting organizations, network operators, and suppliers of broadcasting hardware, and took place at the B&O Parkhotel in Bad Aibling.

DAB network densification was a key topic at the Broadcasting Days. Together with renowned partner companies, KATHREIN presented solutions that enable seamless reception of DAB+ digital radio. The densification of the DAB network ensures improved signal coverage. DAB+ offers better sound quality and reception is generally free of noise.

Another focus was on 5G broadcast as the technology for the television of the future. 5G broadcast enables receiving television directly on mobile phones without the need for a SIM card. The 5G broadcast offers additional capabilities such as public warning and the delivery of real-time information. The Broadcast Days were characterized by inspiring discussions and presentations that highlighted the potential of 5G Broadcast. "Approaches such as 5G Broadcast can build a bridge between individual and efficient broadcast communication in an increasingly mobile society," says Anton Kathrein, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of KATHREIN Group.

Efficiency in broadcast network operations was another important topic at the event. The focus here was on making broadcast network operation cost-efficient through digitization and presenting technical solutions for saving energy. KATHREIN presented its retrofit program, which represents a sustainable form of system renewal. The reuse of system components not only protects the environment, but also optimizes the operation of broadcasting networks.

"The KATHREIN Broadcast Days 2023 were an outstanding event that allowed us to discuss forward-looking technological developments," said Jörg Lippert, Managing Director of KATHREIN Broadcast GmbH. "We are delighted with the significant interest and active participation of the attendees, which contributed to the success of this event. The solutions presented for DAB network densification, 5G Broadcast and efficiency improvement in broadcasting network operations demonstrate KATHREIN’s and our partners* commitment to making the broadcasting sector future-proof."



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