Technical Information Sheets

Kathrein offers a wide range of different antenna systems so that broadcasting operators can choose the optimal configuration for each location. Below is an overview of our antenna systems and their typical characteristics and key benefits.


Antenna System Configurations

Download Information for Broadcast Soulution

  • Three-sided Panel Array
  • Four-sided Panel Array
  • Turnstile and Superturnstile-Antennas
  • Multi-panel Array
  • Special Antenna Systems Inside Self-supporting GRP Cylinders
  • Relay Receiving Antennas

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Glossary of Broadcast Antenna Terms

Detailed information about broadcast antenna terms

  • Antenna Gain
  • Downtilt in Panel Arrays
  • Impedance Tuning
  • Mast or Tower Dimensions for Panel Arrays
  • Measurement Links
  • Mismatch Compensation
  • Null Fill
  • Polarization
  • Power Rating of Components
  • Split Antenna Systems

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Questionnaire for Planning Antenna Systems

Use the following questionnaire to request design an optimize antenna system.

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